Saturday, February 23, 2013


Lots of things make me smile....this particular picture makes me smile for a lot of reasons. It was a surprise, it was a present (and let's face it who doesn't like a present), it was from a very nice person, and it was all about COLOR.

Over at a Stitch In Time, we're asked to post pictures that make us smile. Seems a worthy cause....


  1. How lovely ....and I'm smiling too cos thats one of my fav colours. Thanks for joining in the fun.
    A x

  2. Hi Sarah.. you asked a question on my WOYWW page but as I'm newish to blogging and not sure how replying works and if you saw the answer to my reply, I have put same message on your blog too.
    Regarding sheets of acetate - I was using an A4 sheet of inkjet transparency film which either is the same as acetate or very similar. They are clear, come in various weights and one side has a slight rough texture to print on. I originally got this online form a company called MX2 but not sure they exist anymore. Had trouble getting these ages ago, but seems that craft shops have them now and also ones suitable to stamp and emboss on too. As for the design, if you have any photo software, playing with the threshold effects gives this sort of thing. I use Serif software mainly.. Craft Artist and photoplus and also Photoshop Elements... hope this helps.. Gill x ps love this photo as my favourite colours too..hope you are having a nice weekend.


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