Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Glad for Wednesday

Even if it Tuesday night....because I love participating in What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday, hosted each week by Julia at the Stamping Ground.

My desk is kind of boring. Messy, but not really much to show on it.

I've been keeping up with my Art 365 project, an inchie or twinchie a day. I am really loving it. Sometimes I just pick something from my desk, some time I try new techniques, sometimes I just start and see where I go. Very fun. 

I finished the painting I was working on. You know, I can't believe I just wrote that sentence. I'm sure it's a first. Tee Hee. I like some things about it; love the color of the flower although I had such trouble with the shape. 

It was a Lifebook lesson, with a lovely woman by the name of Alena Hennessey. Intuitive painting indeed.  

Stated here: 

Flipped it and changed colors here:

And ended up here:

Sorry so quick this week; still working on samples for next month's stencil class. Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Another WOYWW is Here

So another week has passed and I've had some time in the Fun Room. And thanks to Julia, I'm showing you What's On My Work Desk since it's Wednesday somewhere in the world. One of the things I've been doing lately is Lifebook 2014. This week's lesson is what is on my desk this week. 

It's been so much fun - especially since we had Monday off and I had a few hours to work on it. 

This is the first layer....believe or not. Water, ink, fluidity. Very fun. 

This is the current state - in progress....unlike anything most things I've done before. 

I also did some of the old stuff...making colorful papers. 

This is one of the papers I made. I needed to do it for my Documented Life Project; this week's prompt is a tip-in. I was fortunate enough to receive HAPPY MAIL!!! and I used a heart I received as my tip-in. So not only was I blessed with a beautiful gift, it was also inspiring! Thank you Anne Ryan!

It makes me happy just to look at it! And then I made several ATC's for my own version of happy mail!

And for those inquiring minds, the cassoulet turned out beautifully. How, how, how did you all know this???

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead...

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The New Normal

Last week, my desk was a disaster. Funny thing. It still is. With different stuff, but still quite the mess. Wondering why I would even show you such a mess. It's cause it's Wednesday, and every week we bop around the world showing each other what we're up to through Julia's What's On Your Workspace Wednesday.

Bad huh? Oh well. It's been a week of this and that's. I did manage to get the first page done in my Documented Life Project. Last week's prompt was be inspired by a favorite...artist, picture, project. You get the picture.

My inspiration was Ingrid Djikers, a woman of amazing talent. I took one of my first ever classes from her at Art & Soul in 2011. I learned how to make that great edge of buttons, but it really wasn't suitable for this project. Fortunately I hd a picture of it I was able to blend into the page.

This week's page is still in progress. Use a shape repeatedly. Pretty original huh?

The colored hearts were made from some "test run" swatches I did with chalk ink, gesso, and water colors. We'll see where the rest of the week takes us on this one.

I'm still working on my Art 365. What started  with inchies, has now progressed into twinches, and 1 x 2's - which I don't yet have a name for!

The Olympic rings were a pain in the tush! The way they interweave is actually kind of odd. I finally just accepted it was going to be far from perfect. The partial 8 next to them was an experiment. I put gloss heavy gel (goodness only knows why I bought gloss????) through a stencil and then started playing with alcohol inks. At one point I added some paint but that wasn't the answer so, it just got darker and darker. One of the real benefits of Art 365 is the chance to take those kind of chances with all sorts of supplies.

Ravens are all over Alaska and they are indeed amazing birds. This took me about 4 minutes I think. Have to admit I'm really liking the embossed edges.

Many more little experiments on the desk. Maybe something interesting next week! Enjoy. 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Diaster - That's What's On My Desk


I just couldn't help it. I was so excited to play with this week's Lifebook lesson - it was sprays - lots of beautiful Dylusions, vivid color!! So I just kind of pushed everything to one side and went for it. When I was done, this is what was left.

The lesson was two parts, I only worked on the first part tonight...

We worked on white space, focal points, rule of thirds and did I mention COLOR???

I just love her...wish I could remember where she came from. Graphic 45 maybe?

Another thing I've been occupying my time with is the Documented Life Project. I was doing it in my regular art journal, but decided to jump on the band wagon with the moleskin planner. I spent most of my art time on Sunday tipping in pages.

I have a nice collection of washi tape so it was easy to get a good variety of COLOR.

And for my final photo, I'm still continuing with the Art Everyday Challenge - Inchie style. Here is all of January.

If you are interested in seeing many more desks, all from creative folks, join us with Julia's world wide tour of desks this and every Wednesday. It's a ton of fun. Enjoy!