Thursday, April 10, 2014


I'd complain about being busy, but what's the point? My life is full of work, art, family and friends and I feel very lucky (most days ... that is when I'm not eggs-haunted which is family speak for exhausted!).

But I do get into the Fun Room most days for the Art 365 challenge. Every day make a little bit - and they do mean little bit - of art. Mostly I work on 1" x 1"; if I'm feeling really expansive I go to a whole 2" x 2". Some days its nothing more than a quick little doodle. It always invovles whatever is on my work desk at the time. It's a great way to experiment.

Here are the March results:

I've also been playing right along with the Documented Life Project (DLP). I'm just in love with many wonderful, generous, giving, talented people in that little word. Last week's prompt was write your name and embellish. Well, let's be kind and say I am just at the beginning of my embellishing career. I found it pretty relaxing though.
DLP was created by five ladies in southern Florida who share their talents and tips. One week Sandi Keene   demoed her deli paper flowers. I'm in love,  can't make enough of them.
And finally there is the amazing Dyan Reavely, queen of color in my book. She suggested a springtime bonus lesson in Lifebook 2014...quick, fun, and yep, colorful!
Here in Alaska it's still winter...14 degrees this morning, with fresh snow two days ago. But the days are long and it's sunny...hope you're enjoying you're version of spring no matter where you are!