Sunday, May 19, 2013

Color in a White World

This, oh so sadly, is what we woke up to yesterday. Latest snowfall on record. Duh.

This was my response....well, after several choice words. 

It all started with this week's Simon Says Stamp challenge to use a little paper. As in little papers. As in 6 x 6 papers. That's how it started  - honest. 

I got out my Gel medium, tore a bunch of paper, applied it to the front and sides of a chunky 6 x 6 canvas and I was feeling pretty good. Small problem tho - it was really pumpy because I was pretty indiscriminate  about the size of the pieces and how they overlapped. So next I applied one piece of paper over the front. And I was off to races. 

I've really been drawn to warm colors after years in the jewel tones, so I started with some buff paint to set a background and then used oranges, red-oranges, pinks and turquoise paints, pencils, markers, etc.

I used some stencils, bubble wrap, background stamps, and even some molding paste. Just playing.

At the top of the side you can still see some of the paper I started with. playing with color and layers.

This phrase has been in playing in my mind this week, so I just went with. By now I figured this would be another of my "pay it forward" pieces, where I put out an offer on Facebook to make 5 original somethings for the first five people who commented and agreed to do the same. Up on my window sill was one of France Papillion's new stamps - the banner. I got out more paints, including some of those uber sparkly Silk Acrylic Glazes and painted them up. I also used some Tombow markers with them and the contrast helped bring out the sparkle.

If you look really closely you can still see the paper underneath (nothing like close-up photography to show you where you could use some touch-ups - lol.)

Lots of layers here...washi tape, paint, molding paste, stamps, rub-ons, paint and bubble wrap.

That's my process - today - with little paper. Who knows what it will be next time. That's what is so fun about it!!

Thanks for stopping by the Fun Room. Hope it's sunny and warm where you are. If not, I hope at least it's not snowing!!


  1. The bright colors of your banners can really cheer up a snowy day. Thankfully, it's been sunny and warm here today.

  2. Love this! It is so cheerful with color.

  3. Fabulous, just fabulous! I love your paper banner...FUN and bright!!! This canvas rocks! Thank you so much for sharing your love of paper with us here at Simon Says Stamp & Show!

  4. Gorgeous, love how,you laid down pieces of paper prior to decorating. Wonderful textures too. Love the pop of pink and the colours are fabulously summery, unlike your weather. Love the banner. Thanks so much for,joining in the Simon Says Stamp and Show Challenge. Tracy x

  5. Oh wow... I LOVE your colourful, fearless response to the snow - brilliant, brilliant canvas!
    Alison xx

  6. I love how you used colors on banner.....thanks a lot for you lovely comment on my blog


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