Monday, December 15, 2014

Catch #2 - Summer DLP

The pictures above and below are from Week 22 of the 2014 Documented Life Project which has truly been a wonderful experiences. The prompt this week was: Houses.

Week 23 was something about gratitude. In the end I was grateful to be a cancer survivor and be alive, which I journaled about behind the race bib. The Alaska Run for Women celebrates breast cancer survivors, and even though I didn't have breast cancer it was a totally cool event. My first (and quite possibly last) 5 mile walk. The following pix is the inside of this spread.

Week 24 was use bookpaper. I used some of that, and some left over bingo paper which happened to strike my fancy that day.


Week 25 was use a heart. So easy when you have heart stickers from Shruti Deve in India, and beautiful heart dollies from Anne Ryan in Seattle. Smiling now, even just thinking about them!

And finally week 26 a bible verse. Hmmm. Went for a spriritual quote from the Dali Lama. Love the quote. The page? Not so much. Oh well. Can't win them all.

Lots more to post. Someday....


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