Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 12 - Plus One

Before I could get started on the next projects, I had to clean up a bit and found the background tissue paper background - so I thought, what the hey, I'll just do one more tag, and here it is. 

Aside from the amazingly cute kitty, I actually like a lot about this tag. I didn't have the die cuts for the houses, so I just made one out of grunge board. How amazing is that stuff?  Oh, I could go on for several paragraphs, but I digress.... I loved how it did exactly what Tim said it would. I painted it with two coats - it really is so much better to do 2 light coats instead of one thick one....sanded it and then used walnut stain ink. The stickles are like magic with the paint over top of them; it looks very beach-y to me.

I like the foil lace, but it's a bit tricky. One must have patience which we know is not my most strongest suit. However I hung in there and was happy I did. I love how you get bonus lace from the die cut!! The tissue paper flower worked and then I had this old silver plastic stuff that has literally been kicking around for years - but I think it's perfect on this tag.

And just one more picture of the cute kitty. Reminds me of one of our cats - Ben, right after he's done something he knows is bad. He's so dang cute, I can hardle be mad at him....

Next project: A Valentine's Album for Stamp Cache.


  1. Adorable tag. They are quite addicting aren't they? Love what you did on this one. What an adorable kitty with wings! All your tags are lovely.

  2. I think this is really gorgeous! The kitty give this one a really different look, I love your colour scheme too!

  3. this is wonderful! the Kitty does finish it off, but without the amazing back ground it just be a cute kitty :)))

  4. Hi Sara! Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog! Your 12 Tags are all so lovely! Wasn't it a blast?? I hope you have a very creative and fun new year!!

  5. That is a cute kitty stamp and an all around great tag!


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