Tuesday, January 22, 2013

WOYWW #190

Ah yes, it's time for the snoop-a-ram hosted each week by the beautiful Julia Dunnit over at the Stamping Ground. This is what was on my desk at the end of Tuesday night.

I've started covering my desk in brown painters paper and I kind of like it. I don't have to worry about where the over spray is going - unless of course I neglect to actually look at the nozzle and end up spraying myself.

The color wheel and the grids in the window are from a on-class I'm taking from Jane Davies on color. I'm enjoying it a lot. We mixed paints the first week - much harder than I would have thought.

Last week I had a page in my art journal open....sometime in the last week I finished it up. It had looked like a palm tree and an umbrella/palapa and so that's what I made it into!

Other goodies include the usual assortment of tape, scissors, "kitchen roll", and distress ink chart. I had most of the ink colors in my mind before the seasonal inks showed up - this helps me decide what new color combinations might be fun to play with. The Ranger website has the chart  - all you have to do is print it out....very handy.

Have a colorful, fun week fellow WOYWW'ers!


  1. what a brilliant idea with the brown paper! we share so much inspiration every wednesday :)
    i love jane davies - enjoy her course!
    happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
    no. 5

  2. Your desk looks ready for anything now, but I know what you mean about spraying the wrong way, luckily I haven't covered myself quite yet! Have a good day. helen, 9

  3. great looking desk looks so busy and creative. Love the journal pages. I am going to take a class on color in a couple weeks just to see what I can learn...prolly a lot cause I am dumb as a stump when it comes to paint mixing. Have a great week. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #35

  4. Covering your desk with paper is a great idea. I use left over bits of computer paper or junk mail.I think we have all sprayed ourselves with a number of products. I can even remember dunking my paintbrush in the teacup and not noticing until I drank my tea. Crafters are a funny lot!!
    Sandra @67

  5. Lol at the spraying yourself- done that! I'll pop over to ranger & print that out- I got all the labels for inkpads PDF's, I didn't see this though.Have a great week, Hugs Shaz xx #73

  6. Ah, I remember the colur mixing class and looking at the schedule and wondering why on earth my teacher would need us to dedicate two hours to it.....naive and stupid is pretty much how I felt! Bet you enjoy the course more and more. Meanwhile, the brown paper is a great idea on your desk..and think of the artwork it's quietly creating without any effort at.

  7. Happy WOYWW. Great idea re. covering desk with paper. Ali x #93

  8. great idea with the paper i sprayed the wall havent got rounf to telling hubby yet! oops!
    Happy WOYWW Mrs.C #45

  9. Good idea about the paper to protect from spray painting. I saw Jo on Create and Craft had a spray station, in other words a washing up bowl that she places the item inside to spray.
    Ria #92

  10. Thanks for visiting and your comment.I love your desk lots of colour and activity. Your journal page is fab hope you have a great week and continue to enjoy your colour class thanks for the tip re the colour chart hugs Andrea ~#6

  11. LOL... I think we have all sprayed it in the wrong direction at some point or other... love your journal pages, the palm tree is fab! Annette #18

  12. Doing a belated skip around the WOYWW posts!

    Your desk looks really busy and creative - liking the brown paper idea (and yes, I think we've all had a "nozzle not facing the right way" incident at one time or another! ;D) and your journal page looks fabulous. Must go seek out that Ranger chart myself. :)

    Ali #77

  13. I love all the bright colors on the pieces on your desk and in your window. Your journal page made me think of the Caribbean. :-) April #110


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