Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Top of the AM to you - which is what my sister says when we wake up together!

It's Wednesday again (well almost in Alaska) and so it's time for What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday, hosted each week by the fabulous, and very patient and kind Julia Dunnit who for the past 191 Wednesday sets this lovely blog up so we can "visit" aka snoop around at other people's work space.

Here's what mine really looks like.

No matter how hard I try I seem to always have stuff on the floor...I prefer to think that I have too small of a space, rather than I might in some way have too much stuff.
I was working on some color collages for my Color Class with Jane Davies and I really enjoyed the combination of blue-green and red-orange but for this exercise we were supposed to stick to one color so I picked blue-green and it wasn't until I was just about done that I realized how flipping' dark it was. I finally couldn't stand it and used glossy accents to glue on some seed beads (note to self, must get a new pair of tweezers that aren't cut off on one side.) One of my bead canisters is sitting front and center on the desk.

This was from my art journal this week and I like the color combination much better here. Plus I wanted to use the Sunflower Perfect Pearls mist I got on Saturday. That's the mist there- on the orange page, under the tag, through the circle stencil.

I have lots to do this week - get my calendar page ready, make the tags for the February class, and catch up on my color class. Oh goody!!

Thanks for stopping by - hope you have a fun, creative week!


  1. Good to see someone else spreading on the floor - can't be beaten! Helen, 9

  2. Yah, you have to much room and yah, you have too much stuff and yah, I totally think you need more of both..I know I do!! Slightly off topic - did you paint that tall drawer set? OMGee it's divine. And off topic again...if someone says 'top of the morning to you' the response is 'and the rest of the day to yourself'....it's an Irish greeting. Lovely, huh! Oh you knew..sorry. Just bragging about my enormous knowledge of nothing at all!

  3. Everything is so full of color in your room and I love that!! Your painted set of drawers is quite lovely too! Enjoy your classes!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #12

  4. Never too much stuff always too small a working space, well that's what I say and I'm sticking to it. thanks for sharing love your pages
    Ria #44

  5. Hi Sara, Thanks so much for dropping by my desk and your kind comments. I am so glad to see I am not on my own needing the desk extension ie the floor, although you can never have to much stuff. I am usually a blue lady, but I love the red and orange colour combination on your journal pages. Also I reall like your coffee filter flowers from your previous post. Happy WOYWW. Hugs Mo x

  6. Your art journalling is lovely work. I keep on saying to myself that I should try some art journalling myself but never getting around to it.

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  7. Hi sara, love your workspace its great to have every thinkg close to hand. Like what i can see of the blue green work as well as those lovely journal pages. Happy WOYWW toni x

  8. Forgot to say... Love your chest of drawers!x

  9. I like the colours you've used in your journal:) Good luck with getting everything done this week - Lucy #23 x

  10. I hadn't seen your whole room before. That chest of drawers is absolutely adorable. April #101
    P.S. I totally understand about your space being too small - definitely not that you have too much stuff. ;-)

  11. Hi there Sarah,

    well, certainly a bright welcoming space that pace of yours whether it has too much stuff or not enough space?!

    As long as you create that is the main thing, and certainly you do that!

    Thanks for popping over and for sharing! happy WOYWW!

    Shaz in OZ.x #40


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