Saturday, April 13, 2013

21 Secrets Has Started

Woo-Hoo. 21 Secrets has begun! If you aren't familiar with 21 Secrets it's an online workshop open from now through the end of the year with you guessed it, 21 different classes and teachers for $59 US. It's tons of fun. And since this is my year to learn new things, techniques, etc. I have embraced it. Here's my first piece.

It's from a class taught by Cathy Bluteau, called Doodling Our Way. Definitely in the "more is more" category, but I have to admit once I got started it was pretty dang fun. My favorite section was the little flowers. They reminded me of wall paper. 

Cathy's premise is to start with a small collage of flowers and some text and move on from there. I used some flowers from some scrapbook paper and then painted in my own version of them to help pull the piece together. Because my flowers were kind of "painterly" anyway I just painted over them. 

I found it a really fun way to spend an evening. 


  1. That does sound like an amazing course, and I certainly love your first results - what a fabulous creation! Love all the colours, the collaged papers, and your doodling to alter them is so cool.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comment today - it really put a huge smile on my face!!
    Alison xx

  2. This is outstanding and you make me want to take this course. You have done a fabulous job!!

  3. If I can do half as good as you, I am a happy camper - I just signed up!!

  4. Love this, you can tell how you were enjoying doing this. Beautiful soft colours. Gill x


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