Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Secret Squirrel WOYWW

I haven't had much time in the Fun Room, but I have managed to make quite the mess. Thank heavens for the floor!

It's been very much catch as catch can as we worked with landscapers all weekend doing some dirt work, putting in flower beds, building a rock garden, etc. Actually there was a lot of watching and deciding and not much work until Sunday afternoon when we hustled to plant perennials. When I had a free moment I would come in and work on my secrets journal.

I signed up for 21 Secrets this year and have really enjoyed the few classes I've taken. Terri Kahrs has a workshop for a journal that can hide your secrets and she's introduced me to some great new background techniques. My favorite one is neo-color crayons on paper and then with a wet brush and gesso spreading the color around. Example below.

The color, page and texture are all very smooth. I've used it a lot since I did the background pages for the journal and have come up with some cool background layers. Terri has a distinct style and I loved her inspiration journals, so off I went trying to replicate that.

On the left side....but it's just not me. See right side and following pictures. More me.

Secret spaces are under the number flaps and in the envelope....and

...the tag waiting for a fiber of some kind under the gold tag. But because I like Terri so well, I've decided to incorporate one of her elements on each spread to remind myself of the experience. That's how pup in a cup ended up on the tag. FUN.

So I've explained the Secret Squirrel part. Wondering what the WOYWW part is in the title? What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday which gives us a chance to snoop about desks world wide. Julia Dunnit hosts us each week and you'll find the specifics on her blog.

Happy snooping. 


  1. Sometimes that's all it takes...someone else's ideas to set us off on a new voyage of discovery! I'm finding that with crochet at the moment. There are so many wonderful tutorials and ideas out there that its tricky to know where to start and what to do next! I really love the flying heart page, that's my favourite :-)
    Sounds like you're having fun in your garden...we need to see pics, I think! What sort of perennials have you put in? I'm a keen gardener so am interested to know what grows so far north! Nosey, is another way of putting it! Lol
    Hugs, LLJ 59 xx

  2. I love that you're using everything you've learned and bending to fit you - it's the best thing about crafting if you ask me. That and the people! The whole journal thing isn't me, but I love them and the Neo background is just fab. really a lovely way to blend.

  3. What a fab desk, and such beautiful work, love all the layering effects. Happy WOYWW

  4. A wonderfully busy workspace... and what fabulous, fabulous pages you've been creating!
    Alison x

  5. Love your busy workspace and the journal is just fabulous. I must remember to use more secret spaces. They look great. I love the envelope, did you make that one yourself?
    Happy WOYWW and I wish you a lovely week.
    xx Monique #74

  6. Oh yes, love your work space and your desk, jealous of your floor though - as I have the new rescue Labrador on mine I cant put anything on the floor, and I put crayons away much more these days too. Your pages are lovely, looks like a great course that 21 secrets, I heard a lot about it, thanks for showing that background technique too, might have a go at that.

    Lynda #94

  7. Wow....the journaling is amazing! Must get my journal out again and play. I love your craft space and there's nothing wrong with using the floor!! Hugs. Pam#27

  8. oh wow your journal secret pages are really stunning I love all the hidden places and the colours and images are fantastic
    Happy WOYWW enjoy the rest of your week
    Ria #52

  9. fabulous desk! and what a good idea to put a cover on the carpet... I've already had a great lump of blue tac stuck on my carpet. Love the journal. Have a great week Happy WOYwW!?

    ((Lyn)) #56

  10. Hi, Sara, what a gorgeous effect you achieved with the neocolor + gesso background -- I can see why it's your favorite! Hope you're having a great WOYWW (and thanks for your WOYWW 211 visit, which I never got a chance to return until now!) ~ Laura #105

  11. My desk looks like that right now, too. Love it! And your pages are fab - such eye candy in this post!


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