Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer, Lifebook 2013, and WOYWW

It's another beautiful warm sunny evening in Alaska so we are off to the Mat-Su Miners baseball game.  The Mat-Su Miners are a semi-pro team made up of college students from around the US who come to the small town of Palmer, live with families in the community for a couple of months and become a team. There is nothing better than a nice night at the ball park. This is the view.

I took a quick picture of my desk before I left, because in Julia's world it's already Wednesday, and so it's time for WOYWW. For an explanation of how we bop around the world looking at different work spaces stop by the Stamping Ground, Julia Dunnit's blog and she'll explain everything.

Not much on the desk except this journal I'm making. I was introduced to the combination of neo-color crayons, gesso, and water and WOWZA what a great background that creates. I used it a lot on the journal. I'll show you the whole thing if I ever finish it. 

I wanted to show you my new brush holder...or vase by any other name. There's a lot I like about this addition to my desk, but the thing I like the most is my sweetie found it and suggested the use. Just love it. I also loved this past weekend which is spent almost exclusively in the FUN ROOM. It was wonderful and the time just  flew by. I've mentioned that I signed up for Lifebook 2013 and I've done a few of the lessons. I think it would be great if you have lots of time - each week you get very detailed videos, but since I work full time time is hard to come by for me. But I did two lessons this week.

I learned to really look at eyes. The eye itself is collaged with acrylic paint and gesso. I have a ways to go but I've not drawn before and now I'm thinking that might be fun to learn too! I loved this lesson  by Kelly Hoernig who is just an excellent teacher. 

After that lesson was done I did another by Tam Laporte about honoring your emotions -- which are all under the background. Amazingly I felt better after I did it. Who knew? These aren't really my style, but I did learn a lot. 

I did two versions, because.....well, I'm not really sure. I just did. Lots of neo-crayons and gesso. LOVE those crayons. I like them - not love them - the girls look totally soulless, the bunny and the cat are much cuter! Maybe I should just stay with little creatures. I have to say I learned tons about shading tho. 

So that's what's been on my work desk lately. Now I get to go on a little trip around the world. Thanks Julia!


  1. Your paintings of the girls look great. They look rather sweet and soft. A bit dreamy, very lovely!

    Happy WOYWW and I wish you a wonderful week.

  2. Fab pages and I love the brush holder.
    Karen #77

  3. Have a great trip! The eye is stunning! Helen, 7

  4. what a fantastic view

    Thanks for sharing and have a great week

    Candace #43

  5. Hi Sara - what a breathtaking view you have, hope you had fun at the baseball game.
    Your artwork is fantastic as always, but love the eye the most. Happy WOYWW Gill x #81

  6. Stunning view! Loved the eye. Your paintings are delightful. Well done - keep at it.
    Margaret #61

  7. The view is breathtaking, what a great photo. Love the journaling and the art classes you took look like fun. The brush holder is fantastic...what a find! Hugs. Pam#28

  8. You live in Alaska, how can you possibly have been melting when you got home!! Love that mountain shot, I miss the mountains (live in Michigan). Beautiful vase, love that you have your paintbrushes in it. Beautiful artwork too, love the eye. And just because I make the cards early please don't think they get written and posted on time!! That really would be just too much!!

    Brenda 2

  9. Wow Sara...just look at those mountains! How gorgeous are they? Or do you get blasé about living next to them? You live in a beautiful place, that's for sure.
    I thought your brush holder was lovely, those deep blues are my favourite colour. I like the way the brushes are all kept separate and you can what's what! Your paintings are very pretty indeed...I like the soft tones..
    Btw, thank you for the lovely tag you sent...so pretty. I'll pin that to my cork board in my craft room. I gave all the stickers to Julia..I thought she'd use them more than me. Hope that was ok....
    Hugs, LLJ 31 xxx

  10. Hi Sara, me again =)
    I'm afraid I didn't get your message on youtube as you said in your lovely comment on my post. Maybe you can send your snail mail to my email address: moniquevmb at gmail dot com. I'll try and get your package in the mail by the end of this week =).
    Hugs Monique

  11. OOh, that brush holder is something else, isn't it? Well done to hubby for spotting that little gem. Loving the pictures, the colourings are great. Have a great week - Lucy #37 x

  12. Woooowwww - so much gorgeousness going on here... to begin with the mountain-view-photo, to the fabulous journal page on your desk, to the vase wich makes me drool, to the collaged/painted eye which is stunning... such an inspiration here! Have a great week and happy ~ belated ~ woyww. Hug from Holland. Marit #91

  13. Gorgeous things going on on your desk - and the paintbrush holder is wonderful (perfect re-purposing).... and those mountains are breath-taking.
    Alison x

  14. Hi Sara, thanks so much for the lovely words on my blog today xxx Kaz x

  15. G'day Sara
    thanks for dropping by my desk and leaving a comment for WOYWW. Sorry I am always the late one getting back to you LOL. OMG your art is gorgeous. I have booked marked Tam's site...I had come across her before and forgot about her. May just have to join in the life book too!! Sara your brown eye is divine...its eyes I find the hardest to draw and paint. Your work makes me want to pull out my paints and crayons NOW!!! Love the snow topped mountain too...sssooo very different from the heat and high humidity here
    Annette In Oz #23

  16. Hi Sara, Your package has been packaged and will go in the post tomorrow. It's been a bit delayed, because I forgot my son's birthday was last friday. So we had a bit busier weekend. I hope you like it.
    Maybe you can sent me your email address?
    Hugs, Monique


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