Tuesday, August 6, 2013

WOYWW 218 & Mea Culpa

I am so sorry I was unable to get to everyone from WOYWW who commented about the Fun Room last week. By a total fluke I ended up in the top ten which I'm sure is what drove the comments. And it's just so damn busy. I know -- whine, whine, whine. All of a sudden it was Monday night and I was falling asleep. I pledge to do better this week. HONEST!

Wondering what WOYWW is? Please proceed to Ms. Julia Dunnit's blog to see.

My work desk is a mess as I scurry to finish my daughter's birthday card. She announced that she wanted a BIG card this year, since she is turning 21. Okay. Sure. I've been wanting to try some Christy Tomlinson type things, so I just made a canvas which I'm in the midst of and will attach a giant piece of paper to it, so it becomes the front of the card. This was way we both get what we want.

Here's a tricky side view of the desk....
And the canvas, in peacock colors - her favorites,  a bit closer....

As in most of my first attempts I totally blew some stuff - like the girl's proportion but I like some stuff too, so I'm okay with that. It's all a learning experience.

I'm off to visit, because as I read last week: "It's Wednesday somewhere in the world!" Enjoy. 


  1. Sch, proportion...who needs it? I was looking at some 17th century oil paintings in a stately home recently and it struck me how completely wrong the ladies arms were...far too long. But I suppose if the portraits were high on the wall and you were looking from below, then perhaps it righted itself?! Dunno, that's just my theory..I'm waffling...shut up LLJ and get to the point!
    Love that card, all the colours and textures...your gal will adore it. 21, eh? A whole life ahead of her..how amazing :-)
    LLJ 58 xx

  2. Oh, what does proportion matter?! Look at most great paintings and they don't really get it right - is that intentional - well they look great so who cares? I love the card: the colours, the designs and that gorgeous dragon fly. I'm sure your daughter will love it and as it's a canvas she can treasure it too! Happy WoYWW! Julie Ann xx #41

  3. Proportion smorshion..I didn't notice till you made me go back and look again. I love it all..what a great way to make it into a card too...genius of an idea. I can see you being called on to do many of these..
    And you musn't worry about WOYWW visiting every week..we all do what we can. And it's meant to be fun., And if anyone is miffed and not getting visitors...there's a reason for it and also of course, being miffed isn't really in the spirit of all of us busy people getting together once a week huh!!

  4. I must be more tired than I thought, she looks fine to me. Infact I really want to have a go at a page like that in my journal, looks a lot of fun to do, now making a note of you so I can come back and take another look later.

    I commented on my blog this time I dont check who comments and who does not, its nice to have visits but understand the time constraints we all have, who has time for over 100 blog visits and comments? I am visiting this many today as too tired to do much else, and I am just so nosey and in need of inspiration that you have just given me, thank you.

    Lynda #82

  5. Hello, Im Roberta 110, Im on my 2nd week of this and looking at every ones goodies has really got me doing things..now I cant wait till mine looks nice and tidy. Pens and more pens I love them! I love your lady I want to try something like that. Thanks for letting me peek around. Bright Blessing to you and yours

  6. Great stuff - lovely card. Trust your daughter really enjoys it.
    Have a great week.
    Margaret #68

  7. Your canvas/card looks fabulous, I love the CT style and I am sure your daughter will love it too! Hope she has a great birthday! Happy WOYWW! Danie #14

  8. K, your tricky side shot is making me dizzy, lol. I love, LOVE that card, and the girl is just perfect.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #9

  9. Proportion is just a word, I didn't notice. All I saw was a fantastic painting. I love her hair. Your daughter will love it.
    Have a great week.
    Von #33

  10. What a great idea - canvas for the birthday card. I should do that for my girls. That way the card keeps on giving. April #122

  11. I love your canvas! How fabulous!!

  12. I think she looks completely fabulous - and the whole canvas is just lovely - stunning background textures and colours too. Wow! Sorry to be behind - my internet's been playing up, so I'm sitting in Caffe Nero trying to do some catching up... have a great weekend!
    Alison x

  13. I love your quirky birthday card and I'm sure that your DD will too. .......It's really cool!
    Thanks for you visit and for such a lovely comment. It's cheering!
    Enjoy your week..
    Jo x

  14. Me Roberta, Im back.. I wanted to look at your calendar pages. I had done a few and just didn't seem to have enough room so I wanted to see what you did. I really like them. Thanks for putting them up so we can see them.

  15. Your fun room looks positively delightful. Love the canvas/card you are making.
    Happy belated WOYWW and I wish you a wonderful week.
    xx Monique #97

  16. She's fabulous, Sara. Bet your daughter loves her!


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