Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Is There Even a Desk Here?

Yikes! My desk is the antithesis of Julia's. C'est la vie. Julia who, you ask? She of the Stamping Ground who hosts us each week for a look about the world and our work desks.

It's a bit of mess. I think I might need to change out the paper, but that requires way more energy than I happen to have as of late. We've spent a glorious week being ill at our house; he who is never ill, with a sinus infection, and I with dental issues that resulted in oral surgery. In between bouts of ouches and pain meds I would stumble into the fun room and mess about. Didn't really get too far. 

Filled up the last page of my first journal. So to make the bookends complete I decided to take a picture of my first ever journal page.

I had to laugh, because there is that same double pen lettering. I've probably done it a total of 4 times in my journal, but the universe knew to do it now. I love it when then happens. 

And then there is this:  

the well used spiral that I once thought would drive me crazy and that  I've come to like the look of.

Now if we could just start feeling better, get the cat back from the vet hospital and get going on all those before winter projects life would be headed towards normal. A girl can always hope....  Have a good week. 


  1. Hope you get cat back from vets and are feeling better
    Journal looks great
    Jackie 26

  2. Normal?? Hah, no chance, mate! Your desk is magnificent in its messiness...quite a work of art in itself :-)
    I'm sorry to hear about the illness in your house, poor you..oral surgery sounds horrible. No wonder your energy has taken a bit of a battering....sending big, positive, healing hugs your way....
    LLJ 44 xx

  3. You're right that spiral is an art work in itself. I have that with my palets, with all dried up paints on them, they are beautiful to look at =). I am the same with the paper. Last time I even just started painting on the paper, because it was such a mess and I couldn't be bothered with changing it (because that means you have to tidy up the rest...).
    Great journal, lovely to see both the first and the last page together.
    Happy WOYWW a I wish you a wonderful week.
    xx Monique #60

  4. Fabulously inky desk Sara. I love the shadow writing on your last journal page - loving the pink too. I hope you all feel better soon - including the cat! I wonder if you could try that magic table cloth trick with your paper Sara! Don't forget to video it if you are tempted to give it a try!!! ;-) Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 70

  5. Looks like you have been working. Love the journal. Feel better.93

  6. Busy, busy. You have a lot going on there, all to be done before winter really takes hold. Trust you all start to feel better soon.
    Margaret #50

  7. hope is the key. I know it's not feasible, but me and Jan would be round like a shot to help and cheer...poor you, dental surgery is the pits. don't bother about changing out the paper, it will keep. ad hey...love that spiral bind...how fickle we are with the love and hate thing!!

  8. Sounds like you have been going through the mill just like me! I still have an impacted wisdom tooth to be sorted yet! Love your journal pages and the sentiments and your desk is nice and colourful too. Thanks for the visit BJ#16

  9. being ill is never ever good, but feel your pain I have the same thing going on plus my tooth in frount and oh yea broke the filling out of the one in back and then the whole side broke. YEAAA Im falling apart is how I feel. lol ok on to better things.. I love the journal and the banner is a fun thing to play with, :-) Thanks for letting me look at everything. Roberta 17

  10. Sorry to hear you have both been under the weather - hope each day you feel a bit better & you can get to play in your lovely craft room ! The colour wheel is a great idea ! Ali #38

  11. Hope you and hubby on the mend, your journal pages are both wonderful and I can see why you love the banner stamp, its fabulous. Have a great week! Danie #25

  12. The first thing I noticed was that paper you had down. I kept thinking what a fantastic background it would make. Had to laugh when you made a note of it, too.

    Sorry you are not well, and the cat is sick, too. Seems when things happen they come in threes. It's time for a change. Happy WOYWW (because it's still Wednesday in my world) from #2.

  13. So sorry you are not feeling well and the little cat at the vet too. Hope all is well soon! Love your space! Glenda #73

  14. Ooh, ow - do hope your mouth is being nicer to you now...

    I LOVE your journal pages - how fitting that you ended as you began, even without meaning to, and I'm encouraged by your lovely painty spiral binding... I hope I'll get over my irritation with my one now!

    Thank you for your lovely comment. I felt so lucky to be able to attend the workshops, and yes, it was lovely to meet people face to face though, as a generally non-sociable type, I did find the notion of crafting in a roomful of people a bit weird! Nice to get home to my peaceful (messy) craft desk...
    Alison xx

  15. I hope that you and your hubby have improved by now, my lovely, love the outlook you have from your craftdesk, and it looks brilliant and very interesting, love your journal pages, you girls are really giving me the inspiration to try one for myself...thank you for visiting me, much appreciated, hugs, Avril#60

  16. LOVE that desk!!!
    I want to come and play on it, make pictures, oooh! just have a lovely time.
    When my paper gets that bad I pour some PVA glue over it in places, spread it out and then leave overnight to dry. In the morning I can peel it off and most of the mess comes with it. Lazy? Me? ..........
    Bishopsmate #48


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