Tuesday, September 10, 2013

WOYWW #223....or Look, There's Grass

Howdy Folks!

It seems that one of my pictures actually shows one of our accomplishments this summer - grass!

I snapped this because it shows what a terror my window sill has become...but I did have to brag on the grass just a bit. We spent many months looking at rocks, so we are much happier now! But why, you ask am I showing you my desk extension at all? Well, it WEDNESDAY!! The day I kind of wonder how much fun it would be to live in England, with Julia and Jan, and many other lovely ladies live who craft, and sew and create. Each Wednesday, Julia provides us with an opportunity to  link together, literally around the world to share our work spaces. So from Alaska to the United Kingdom, to the Netherlands to S. Africa I go looking about. 

This is considerably cleaned up from this morning. I took a day off work (shhhhhhh) and three hours at home and then packed up and headed off to a friend's house where we spent a lovely, lovely afternoon creating and crafting.  Alas, she is leaving for a few months, but we are already planning our December day!

One of the accomplishments of the day was to finish the major project for an upcoming class at the Stamp Cache. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out - wish the wooden leaves on the right were a tad lower, but hey they aren't so we're just all going to have to live with it. Please note I immediately lost the washer for the second screw. Oh well. Perfection is so boring. 

Totally love the raven stamp! Ravens are everywhere in Alaska. They certainly have my admiration. I don't know anything else that can land on a metal lamppost in 70 below zero weather  or -56 Celsius). It's pretty damn impressive. Plus in Southeast Alaskan mythology,  the Raven is mixed in most everything. You will find him appearing in one form or the other. He was legendary, talented, full of magic, benefactor, bringing good will or casting an evil spell. Pretty cool bird. A big shout out to Paula Chaney, who totally came up with the grid idea for the burlap piece. 

I absolutely love the colors of fall - there are so many of them!!  Hope wherever you are has lots of what you like! 


  1. ravens. Sort of got dinosaur feet then really...tough tough tough!
    I love the class project..with or without the washer, the wing nuts look great, what a fab idea for a fix. your desk sings welcomes to me..I think the horror will only be real if you find your stash climbing up the window and blocking out light ( and lovely green grass views). But on the plus side, from outside, you'll have crafty layers to look at from the garden...you could track you projects from the layers of windowsill detritus!!

  2. Lovely canvas , have fun at your class . jill #40

  3. The people who made Persian rugs always made them with one slight mistake in them...their reason being that only God makes things perfectly! So there you go, by losing the washer you are following an ancient crafting tradition!! lol xx

    Ravens are amazing birds, aren't they? There must be something special about them as they are revered in so many different cultures. I've got a book about Native American designs (I've got a real thing about patterns from Celtic knot work to Maori swirls) and there are some amazing Raven drawings in there. I love em but their feet must have anti freeze in them or something to cope with that sort of weather!

    Do you go out barefoot in your lovely new lush grass and just feel it between your tootsies?? I do all the time! I always get sad when I have to start putting socks on when the temperature drops.....old hippie that I am! :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 54 xx

  4. Love your workspace, it looks so inviting! You could just sit down and start crafting. And your canvas is gorgeous! Happy WOYWW from # 65!

  5. Great piece of artwork! I'm afraid I don't do 'cold'! With breathing problems I stay indoors when it's cold and windy - I'll leave it to the Ravens!!!!!!!!!
    Anyway, have a good WOYWW, kind regards, John-W #58.

  6. Sorry I have missed several weeks worth of WOYWW and missed out seeing your desk Sara - but loving what I am seeing today - such an inviting desk and love your beautiful project. Have put up a photo today of the lovely things you sent me for the WOYWW anniversary - many thanks again for that... have a great day..Gill x #96

  7. Gorgeous project and what an exciting looking work space with all that colour :-D
    Well done on the grass..... I haven't seen that for years here in my part of Greece :-(


    Ike in Greece #91 xx

  8. Happy WOYWW! loving your Holtzy goodness, and your desk looks so productive!!
    -Tera #3

  9. Hello and good day. yep the grass is nice so you can brag :-) but I love all the markers and pens.. grinzzzz. your project is lovely.. my daughter I see is right above me and Tim is her man so I knew she would love it. And thanks for letting me peak in to your room. Roberta 6

  10. Wow!! All those pens!! Love the ruler at the top of that page Lx

  11. Ooh, love the project - the raven is very cool, and I love the paper-blocking with all that colour and pattern (like your whole desk, then!)... Happy Wednesday!
    Alison x

  12. I was admiring your raven stamp before you even pointed out all the neat things about ravens. I know I wouldn't want to get near a metal in Alaska in winter, possibly not even in summer as I'm a lizard girl at heart. I like that you have a large windowsill even if you did fill it up with a little bit of everything. It looks like such a fun place to play.

  13. Paula had a good idea and you made this beautifully. Of course I love anything from Tim Holtz's lines. Peg 109

  14. Nice to see your view of a lovely lawn! I am sure that makes you happy to sink your toes into on a hot day.

    Your burlap canvas is stunning. really love the concept. I followed you link and looked at your friends as well!

  15. Signs of a true crafter! Every nook and craney filled with crafty goodness. Your grass is very impressive, and I'm totally jealous, our's here at present is probably one shade of being dead. We are in desperate need of water and being on tank water its precious. I am loving your beautiful burlap piece, so many wonderful elements to admire and explore. Have a great week! Danie #48

  16. Nice to see a lush green lawn before it gets covered in snow! Like the canvas very much too, beautiful colour palette. Hope it stops raining soon. I shouldn't have complained about the heat as the bottom just fell out of our temperature! From a high of 95F this week we'll have a low of 37F on Friday night, that's quite a change! Ravens are quite amazing birds, I'm sure they'll be fine on the freezing cold pole.... just as long as they don't start licking them!!

    Brenda 16


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