Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Clean Desk for WOYWW 233

Yippee Skippee. I finally cleaned my desk, just in time for the weekly sharing hosted by the wonderful Julia! I've been at the state planning conference for the last four days. I'm happy to report although I might be getting older, I am getting wiser and after four full days of talking and being "on" all the time (as one of the organizers) I took today off. It was blissful.

Here it is in all it's glory. Christmas bits and bobs to the left and ready to go. While I was cleaning I usually put things on my chair, but Ben the cat was there. Being the lazy cuss I am I put them there anyway. The most casual of cats, just kept on bathing. I did finally get him to look at the camera though.

He's just my best buddy. All cat ... all on his terms .... but I was told he missed him Mom. Big Smile.

On the things I'm working on is a Christmas Book. All three kids will be here at one time over Christmas and I want someplace to capture the memories. I was thrilled when Tammy Tutterow had an on line class....less thinking was just what a I needed. I don't have everything she's using, but I can get close enough. 

I had some time last week to play in an art journal....real quick....with lotz of colors. Super fun. Love the Zig Wink of Stella brush glitter pens. They make sparkles so easy and mess free. 

Life is good these days, and I am enjoying the journey. Hope you are too. 

I'm at the tale end this week, because it's 6:30 pm Wednesday evening here in Alaska. It's already Thursday morning (maybe even afternoon) and all my friends in the UK are probably fast asleep and will wake up in 4 to 5 hours to start their days. But as someone once said - It's Wednesday Somewhere in the World. And this time it's here! Have a good week everyone. 


  1. The kitty is so cute, and that Christmas card or journal is gorgeous!
    Sharon 88

  2. What lovely writing you have on that journal
    Love the kitty Ben looks very comfortable
    Jackie 33

  3. Great cards ! Love the colours ! A crafting companion cat - how fun is that ! Ali #28

  4. Hi Sara, thanks for visiting, I am usually on the end, or near it. Not many playing this week! I would have visited before if not for the mouse! I have a new one, arrived today, such a relief!
    I love your journal, so you decorate it then add photos, is that right? It is 8:30 pm here right now, I think you are nearly half a day different to us, so my USA buddies wish me a wonderful day when I am thinking of bedtime!
    The organiser is distracting me from doing other things, and I hope it will work out in the end!

    Cazzy x

  5. Oh and your kitty is so cute! I One of my dogs is laid back like that, I stash stuff on my chair too, then forget and sit on it, or try to!

  6. Glad you took a day off to relax, destress, and find the surface of your table. ;-) The cover of your December album is great. Tammy Tutterow is a good teacher -- I've never taken a class, but peruse her tutorials on her blog sometimes. Happy WOYWW (on Thursday) from Laura #89

  7. It's Saturday now, 6.47 am and I've made it at last! State Planning meetings - oh how I wish you could organise something on a larger scale - like world planning...and get them all to be sensible! Love your Christmas Book - the idea alone is gorgeous enough, but the book is a triumph. If a class fires your imagination to use what you've got rather than worry about not having what the tutor uses, I'd say you're all fired up and creative gal! Hope you've found some rest time after the conference. Horribly jealous of your tidiness!

  8. Sara,
    You have no idea how much your comment on my blog meant to me tonight. It was a godsend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.....BEST comment I've ever received!!!

    Your Friend in ART,
    P.S. LOVE your snowflake page..gorgeous colors!


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