Tuesday, November 12, 2013

WOYWW 232 or Not Much

Yippee Skippee. I got home from work early enough to enter my work desk into the que at What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, edition 232. Hosted by Julia Dunntt in the UK, she provides a space for us to post and well, let's just say explore sounds so much nicer than snoop,  around the world. 

This is my desk:

If you look carefully at the left side you may see some country red and green papers. Yes, I got to spend a wonderful Sunday, in the Fun Room, in my night gown. Too much information??  It's my favorite way to spend a Sunday....and here in the US we celebrated Veteran's Day on Monday - thanking all the folks who have fought for our country. We help the celebrating by not working - so we had a 3 day weekend. 

Winter finally arrived this weekend in all it's glory....we drove into Anchorage (about 40 miles), did some shopping and had lunch with our college age daughter. This is right outside her dorm at school. 

The winter colors in the north are the prettiest pastels - blue and pink. Just beautiful. We saw this gorgeous sky on the way home. 

Oh. Yes. Crafts. 

I continued on with where I started here. Using up all my little squares. I had a ton of fun. 

Hope this finds you all well and happy. 


  1. Oh Sara. I just love your desk. I would feel quite at home there! And I want to play in that snow. Your cards look gorgeous. Thanks for the inspiration. Good luck on getting them all done in good time. I am hoping they will be finished by the end of this month so I can enjoy December and have more time for my album. Pop over on 25th Nov for full show'n tell!
    Hettie xx 53

  2. Hi, Sara! I like your patchwork cards -- you've made them interesting with how you've placed the squares (not just squares in a square). I might dig around in my scraps and try one like your first card! Happiest of WOYWWs to you and thanks for your visit and kind comments. ~ Laura #16

  3. love your snow photo..it hasnt reached us here yet but its getting very cold..My son marched in our rememberance day parade last sunday around the village with the drums playing

  4. Oh my love the messy space and adore the snow! We'll soon have it here in Kansas I'm sure.
    The Craft Donkey

  5. I guess it is a good time to create when there is so much snow on the ground. Lovely cards!

  6. what a fab creative space as for your work stunning thanks for sharing your winter pics too I love snow and as for crafting in your night gown go for it girl ... nothing beats it I agree i love my dressing gown! ... comfort is everything. have a great week Andrea #35

  7. Hi there! I've not joined in today as I've been down in Wales seeing my dad. But I saw your comment on my blog and had to come and visit you. I'm so glad that the parcel found its way to you, please don't apologise thoug, it's not necessary.....it sounds like you've had an awful lot on your plate. I'm glad that you are back in business now and am sending you big positive vibes :-)
    That snow is beautiful to look at but I don't want any here yet! The temps have really dropped here this week but we've only had frosts to cope with. Our ancient local forest is looking gorgeous as a result, the trees are stunning!
    I'm busy crafting at the moment as I've been unexpectedly offered a table at a craft fair next week....I'd given all my stock away to charity so am having to make more. I'm also catering for Julia's workshop this weekend (hence Lunch Lady Jan!!) so life isn't boring ;-)
    Lots of love,
    Jan xx

  8. Hi - great patchwork cards - am seeing this look on a few desks this week & as a lapsed quilter am tempted to have a go when I tackle my Christmas cards this weekend ! All that snow ! WOW. Here in the UK if we get a couple of inches the whole country literally comes to a standstill - no transport, no bins collected, kids sent home from school & half the workforce stay at home !!! If you suggested driving 40 mins for shopping & lunch people here would look at you as if you had said you were driving to Mars !!! You guys are obviously just so much more geared up for it ! Have a fun crafty week (even in you pyjamas !!) Ali #36

  9. Wonderful desk! And fabulous cards. Love using up scraps. And your "winter" photos.... takes me home to northwest WY. (I live in southern AZ now). Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #76


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