Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February - Here I Come

Forgive me if I'm excited, but January here was the coldest in 99 years. Seems like we spent the whole month below zero. So I am very excited to start a new month (even if it is snowing and blowing).

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this calendar challenge over at The Kathryn Wheel. At the beginning of the month you start with a blank canvas and take off from there. I've decided to use it as a diary of sorts; posting bits and pieces of the things I've been working on throughout the month. You'll also notice I kinda have a thing for dimension...

So here's what my January page started out as and what it ended up as .... (I started the second weekend so I kinda had to fake several days)

And a glance at my alter ego from the 1920's along with my favorite quote of the month, and a shot of some really fun paper I got from 7 Dots Studio.  

The 7 Dots paper is so gorgeous on both sides I tried "weaving" it, you know -  one strip over, one strip under type thing  - and really liked the effect. It would be a great background for a tag, or card, or a number of other things. 

So that wraps up January. For February I couldn't really stay away from red and pinks....I have a feeling I'll be pretty traditional in my color choices.

Happy Valentines' Day and Happy Leap Year....see you next month with this challenge and MARCH!


  1. Oh my! Sounds so cold, so I won't tell you that it's been our warmest (80+) January in years. This challenge is great isn't it?!? I love your calendars and really like how each of your date squares are so different. Great job.

  2. I really love your calender, what a great project! xx

  3. Love your calendar and how you made a focus on the leap year, very good idea!

  4. I like how you used all kinds of elements *have to remind that for myself*
    Red pink and hearts are february, it just is :)

  5. oh wow, that's a great way of filling in your pages! love all the bits and pieces :)))
    and that February page is one big invitation to a romantic month! enjoy :)))

  6. forgot to mention: thank you for your sweet words about my shoes! it made me smile :)))

  7. WOW!!! All you art journalers are making me salivate! This is so cool and fun. They really are works of art!!!

  8. Hi Sara! I love how you filled your January page and I'm looking forward to seeing February filled. It's great to meet someone from Alaska, even if it is cold there I think it must be very beautiful.
    Big love

    1. Hi AJ-
      Thanks for stopping're right it is very beautiful. I came up for the summer 35 years ago and never's a special place. Seriously cold tho...a bit of warmth would be nice right about now!

  9. Fabulous January page and Febs is looking good too

  10. Great pages, love the images you have used on some of your journal spots x

  11. Great pages for your calendar, love your style xxx

  12. Gorgeous pages. It's lovely to see how January progressed throughout the month. I love the 'busy-ness' of it when it's all done. Well done for keeping up so far!


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