Friday, December 27, 2013

2013 Favorites

As I'm not sleeping I began to think back on 2013 from an artistic point of view. My word for the year was Artist - as in this was the year I would become one. Sometimes I own that, sometimes it still seems  far away, but there is no doubt I an artist. So here's my top ten of the year.

Tim Holtz issued a tattered flower challenge in March. This tops my favorites list because I really played with colors, mediums, and textures. I had never done anything on a a piece of metal either.

I used grunge board, cheese cloth, plastic, paper, and screening, with paints, stains, metallics, glue (to stiffen the cheese cloth), texture fades and some favorite buttons. The finished piece is hanging in the Fun Room. Original post.

The next piece was a birthday gift for a dear friend who has been nothing but encouraging about my art work. Not only was it a gas to make - she loved it! Original post.

From canvas to ATC, the next project was for an ATC challenge of underwater. I had been playing around with some Twinkling H2O's and salt a couple of days before and this kind of fell together.  Original post.

I participated - somewhat - in Lifebook 2013. It's a great, year long course, but it takes a lot of time - something I rarely have. This lesson was entitled Quirky Birds. Indeed. Original post.

The tag is another Tim Holtz inspired project. He's what got me into this after all. As I recall this was either the second or third attempt at the colors and layout, but I just love how it came out. It's incredible vibrant...and hangs within my field of vision at the office. Original post.

My daughter turned 21 this year. One of the things I started doing for the kids when they came into my life was silly birthday riddles - I'm made some very unusual rhymes over the years. This year I was informed she would like a BIG card. So I made her a canvas, and turned it into a card. Based on Christy Tomlinson's style...another find from Lifebook. Original post.

Another Lifebook project by a great teacher, Kelly Hoerning. I learned a BUNCH about eyes...even managed to draw a couple. Great techniques as well. Original post.

These little notebooks were Christmas presents I made for sisters and friends. What makes me laugh about them is I started to make them with scrapbook paper and then realized, duh, I make paper....I got good and inky with these! Original post.

These are a recent project as well. Affirmation Cards for the Brave Girls Club. They make the list not because they are such great works of art, but for how consumed I was in making them. I stayed up until 1:30 am and was back at my desk at 7:30 am. Quite unlike me for a Sunday morning! Original post.

And finally this rounds out the list...because it was another first. Really the first time I played with canvas....there's going to be more of that in the new year. Plus the colors are Yummy. Original post.

Thanks for taking this little journey with me....both this post and the whole creative ride. I really can't imagine doing what I do, learning what I have, getting a fraction of the inspiration I have, without all you folks in blogland. I am thankful girl!!


  1. Oh my goodness! You are SOOO creative and thank you, thank you, thank you for my notebook!! I just love it and now I can see them all! I sure wish we lived closer so that you could teach me all these incredible techniques and we could "play" (guess I should say create) together! Beautiful work Sara!! I love you! Daina

  2. So much eye candy in this great recap post, Sara. Love the recurring dream theme and all your vibrant colors. Happy New Year!

  3. Super round up of 2013 from a true artist I must say. Tim certainly is an inspiration and you certainly ran with his ideas, especially the tattered florals. I love the ATC too, so gentle. BJ

  4. Your work is wonderful and I am so very glad I found you!!!!!

  5. Fabulous works from across the year, Sara! I remember that watery ATC so well, and it's still one of my favourites... I didn't catch your TH Tattered Florals make (I think before my time here!) so I'm thrilled to see that - what an amazing make. And I still love those affirmation cards too...
    Alison xx

  6. WOW! Some absolutely fab creations! My faves...the flowers and dress form and the water ATC. Oh jeez I need to play more freely as I would love to be able to create such beauty!


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