Saturday, January 25, 2014

Art Journaling in January

After a busy and creative December I've been having a bit of a dry spell...finally got going again at the end of this week.

When I get stuck I really do go back to the folks who brought me to the party. Dina Wakley has had a huge influence...I just love her style. As I am still developing mine, I see her work in many of my pieces. 

This page used a technique from Sami Harding as part of Creative Jump Start 2014 hosted by Nathalie Kalback. What a great way to start this 2013 each of the "starters" used the same thing three ways, this year it's household items. Sami's lesson was about using transparencies which I didn't have, so I used sheet protectors to paint with fluid acrylics.  Way fun. Something I'll be going back to I'm sure.

I debated whether to put this page up or not. There are some things I like  - the face, the circles, a lot of the background. Some things I don't. The darn circles need to be a smidgen higher!!!! If I didn't move so fast I would have seen that. At 57 I'm still learning that lesson! And frankly the poor dear looks a lot like house-frau. Alas.

I will say again though, the Dylusions journals take a licking and keep on ticking (okay, another way we know my age).

And lastly. I couldn't help but notice that when I'm having a bit of difficulty getting started with art, my desk is relatively clean. When I'm in engaged, it's a disaster. Happy to say I'm getting back to normal now.


  1. Glad to hear your desk is on its way to being a disaster! Love these pages here... and I think if fast working is your style then stick with it. I've no issue with where the circles are on that final spread - I think it works brilliantly, and I love the shadowed silhouette in the first page, and vibrant colours in the second. Fabulous work.
    Alison x

  2. Love your pages and the colors you've used. I've just started my first mixed media Dylusions journal so it may be a little while before I feel confident enough to post my efforts. It is great fun though and I love to see the depth people put into their pages. Yours will inspire me to try more techniques.


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