Wednesday, January 29, 2014

CJS Projects - #1

I am really enjoying Nathalie Kalbach's Creative Jump Start 2014. As I've mentioned before we're using household items in new ways this year. Here's a new take on bubblewrap.

I had a blast with the technique that Andrea Gomoll taught us. Parts of the finished product are very painterly, parts of it are transparent...and its all full of luscious color. MMMMM. I made several pieces, but this was my favorite.

The colors reminded me a specific Claude Monet painting he did later in I kind of went for a similar layout in my art journal.

One of the benefits of the bubblewrap process is you end up with very cool parchment paper as well, which provided most of the background for the spread.

I just glued it down and added a few splatters of ink to tie it to the white space. It made me so happy, I added a couple of little dyed tags with "Joy to the World".

Life is good today. Hope that's true for you too. Thanks for stopping by the Fun Room.


  1. Happy pages! I love using bubble wrap to press into the ink but never thought to glue it down...will give it a try. I haven't done much 'spattering' or 'splattering" but think I will give that a try also. on another note....
    I knew Zeffy was going to join cause she emailed and asked me what I thought of it and if it was worth the money. I told her it was worth way more then the money even if you didn't do all the lessons...she was worried about keeping up. Like you I was surprised at how much I learned and got from the lessons even when I didn't participate totally. This is my 3rd year with LifeBook and if there is a 4th I will join then. I think what is important to me is the healing exercises that are insidious in the program. I am worthy, my work is good, I am loved...I love it! I feel so much better about me and my art just because of LifeBook! Have you posted your work on LifeBook? Have I missed your posts? Let me know I love seeing what others are doing.

  2. Wow - that is absolutely stunning, Sara - incredible colour and composition across the pages.
    Alison x

  3. fun! love that you used this technique. thank you for playing along in the luminarte giveaway and CJS204


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