Monday, January 6, 2014

Top Ten Art Journal Spreads

I had such fun looking back over all my projects (2013 Favorites) I decided to review my journals. These are the top ten "entries" in no particular order.

I return to these colors again and again.
A lesson in white space, from Dina Wakely's Art Journal Freedom a great book!

Doodling at its finest - from 21 Secrets.

The tragedy at the Boston marathon stayed with me for days. 
Finally I made several journal pages that helped. 

A prompt from France, and her Journal on Mondays videos. 


Everyone is different....

A summertime trip down memory lane. 

Ah yes, the Book of Troubles....

That day I was thankful for the man I share my life with, but in general I'm just thankful for my life.

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  1. Really amazing pages from top to bottom of the post... and so inspiring for my crafty resolution for 2014, which is to do more art journalling!! Thank you.
    Alison xx


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