Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Another WOYWW is Here

So another week has passed and I've had some time in the Fun Room. And thanks to Julia, I'm showing you What's On My Work Desk since it's Wednesday somewhere in the world. One of the things I've been doing lately is Lifebook 2014. This week's lesson is what is on my desk this week. 

It's been so much fun - especially since we had Monday off and I had a few hours to work on it. 

This is the first layer....believe or not. Water, ink, fluidity. Very fun. 

This is the current state - in progress....unlike anything most things I've done before. 

I also did some of the old stuff...making colorful papers. 

This is one of the papers I made. I needed to do it for my Documented Life Project; this week's prompt is a tip-in. I was fortunate enough to receive HAPPY MAIL!!! and I used a heart I received as my tip-in. So not only was I blessed with a beautiful gift, it was also inspiring! Thank you Anne Ryan!

It makes me happy just to look at it! And then I made several ATC's for my own version of happy mail!

And for those inquiring minds, the cassoulet turned out beautifully. How, how, how did you all know this???

Hope you have a wonderful week ahead...


  1. Your ATC's Are so pretty Wow
    Happy WOYWW
    hugs Nikki #5
    I have candy too

  2. Always lovely to see what everyone else is creating and your projects are so vibrant and fun. Have a lovely week.
    Sandra @25

  3. Wow, great backgrounds. Have a good week. Helen 10

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous pages!! Love those ATCs :)
    Happy WOYWW!
    no. 31

  5. great atc's & the colours used on your paper . Happy woyww Jill #39

  6. I was thinking about you last Saturday, wondering how you were getting on at Kevin's cassoulet class!! Hope it was yummy!!!
    Am loving the bright artwork and backgrounds, a real toxin against the grey grim weather outside :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 44 xx

  7. Wow, you are so creative. Love your work. Happy WOYWW
    Love Karen #47 xxx

  8. Thanks for visiting already, Sara. Yes - they are indeed swans! Hubby and I spent a day in the Lake District in North West England last May - and there they all were on Lake Windermere. It was a fabulous day out - so warm, sunny right through, and lots of photo opportunities!!
    What a busy desk this morning. Some gorgeous work. Well done.
    Golly, just realised your blog says you live in Alaska. How glorious.
    Margaret #17

  9. I love making papers, yours are so vibrant. Karen#101

  10. I'm loving all of your pages, can't wait to see your finished LB page for this week.
    Happy Wednesday,
    Karin #59

  11. WOW now that's a desk I want to come and play on. The colours, the papers Oh my goodness I LOVE IT ALL.
    Nelle 71 xx

  12. Man of man.. markers and lots and paint..yep I wanta come play in your room.. I love the fold over heart.. I saved it to show to my daughter.. she will love it to. Thanks for the peek # 23

  13. Mmmmm cassoulet. so now you're an Elizabeth David fan, huh?! Lovely tip in idea for your book, and yep, a lovely heart anyway, great idea. Your backgrounds and lesson work is immensely creative...really enjoying the zone that you're in!

  14. Wow, wow, wow - it always looks so much FUN in the fun room!! And cassoulet into the bargain... Magnificent colours and patterning in all those pages, Sara!
    Alison xx

  15. Ooooooooh, waaaaaaaaaaaaw and *droooooooooooool*

    So much colourful, painty goodness on view here. Just yum. Loving your little ATC mini sized mail art too :D

    Thanks for stopping by already to see me and Fred the tree ;)

    Carmen #46

  16. Ooooh, you have been having fun! Love seeing all these gorgeous layers of color.


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