Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The New Normal

Last week, my desk was a disaster. Funny thing. It still is. With different stuff, but still quite the mess. Wondering why I would even show you such a mess. It's cause it's Wednesday, and every week we bop around the world showing each other what we're up to through Julia's What's On Your Workspace Wednesday.

Bad huh? Oh well. It's been a week of this and that's. I did manage to get the first page done in my Documented Life Project. Last week's prompt was be inspired by a favorite...artist, picture, project. You get the picture.

My inspiration was Ingrid Djikers, a woman of amazing talent. I took one of my first ever classes from her at Art & Soul in 2011. I learned how to make that great edge of buttons, but it really wasn't suitable for this project. Fortunately I hd a picture of it I was able to blend into the page.

This week's page is still in progress. Use a shape repeatedly. Pretty original huh?

The colored hearts were made from some "test run" swatches I did with chalk ink, gesso, and water colors. We'll see where the rest of the week takes us on this one.

I'm still working on my Art 365. What started  with inchies, has now progressed into twinches, and 1 x 2's - which I don't yet have a name for!

The Olympic rings were a pain in the tush! The way they interweave is actually kind of odd. I finally just accepted it was going to be far from perfect. The partial 8 next to them was an experiment. I put gloss heavy gel (goodness only knows why I bought gloss????) through a stencil and then started playing with alcohol inks. At one point I added some paint but that wasn't the answer so, it just got darker and darker. One of the real benefits of Art 365 is the chance to take those kind of chances with all sorts of supplies.

Ravens are all over Alaska and they are indeed amazing birds. This took me about 4 minutes I think. Have to admit I'm really liking the embossed edges.

Many more little experiments on the desk. Maybe something interesting next week! Enjoy. 


  1. Ingrid is an amazing artist, isn't she. She taught my AB students to make those button stitched pages, too. Unfortunately, mine didn't look as good as yours. I sure like your page and the image is just as good as if it were the original. Happy WOYWW from #1.

  2. Oh, I love many things on your blog this week..the buttons sidebar, the amazing raven (got a bit of a thing for them!) and the gorgeous journal pages. But what I really want to know is........please can I come to Kevin's for the Cassoulet class too?? :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 39 xx

  3. I love your desk, always makes me wish I could come and play. Fantastic journal pages as well.
    Happy Wednesday
    Ann B

  4. Love your crafting area.
    It's so untidy LOL
    I do think it helps with creativity :)
    AOC @ #59

  5. So much detail in such tiny pieces of art just beautiful. The round tin is actually an Ikea fabric CD holder box that's been stretched to the limit lol. How I get my Stamps to stick in my book is with acetate sheets and then they slide into holders for when I'm not using. The unmounted ones have a little sticky tape on the back to keep them in place and the clear stamps are stored the same way but at least once a year I pull the ones I haven't used off the acetate and then put them back down seems clear stamps like to get really stuck to it and found this solves the problem I've heard from doing this so they don't tear off which some crafters have had happen
    hugs Nikki 4

  6. What super pieces you have to show us this week. I bet the button edge is even better in real life - I only managed a bead edge for my Altered Book a couple of years ago, really ought to try the button one. I have just done a post on my DLP (after my WOYWW one), thought I was giving up on all the challenges but they seem to have come together this week. I got the Olympic patterns from the internet and there is a link to the page on my post. Just print it off and stare at it, it's gorgeous! Hope you remember to stop by next week for the big reveal and thanks for visiting me this week. BJ#58

  7. Again you have such wonderful creations on your desk. Love that button edge.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #25

  8. crikey!! your desk looks so busy but exactly how mine would look i think if i had a permanent desk. so inviting! love the inchies and twinchies! :) Lx 91

  9. gosh your desk is so busy, so much to look at, is that a Christmas card in the background? A leftover from last year or a head start on this year. Love the button edge, thanks for sharing Donna #91

  10. 365 is getting you right outside the box and being experimental, that's a great thing....and you're really patient to keep at it. Can i suggest 'oblongchies' ...for no other reason that it makes me laugh!! I hope. Randy doesn't wake you when he comes back late tonight....oops, I'm TOOOO nosey!!

  11. Sara, your comment on my blog made me feel so welcome online. Comments (and connections) like that is what it makes the time we spend blogging worthwile, isn't it? And no, people who don't spend time online don't know ór understand the 'friendships' we build with people we never met in real life, and yet I consider it a friendship! Thank you for being in these circles my friend!
    I LOVE the mess on your desk (being so organised myself ) and getting inspired by Ingrid is the best... her work is amazing! I also love the inchies/twinchies... a great way indeed to experiment! Have a great day and see you around next week, big hug from Holland! Marit #57

  12. It looks such a fantastically productive desk... amazing projects pouring off it too! The hearts page is delightful, and I'm in awe of you keeping up the daily Art365 discipline.
    Alison x

  13. Well, given your productivity and creative passion, I'd say your desk is right orderly ~ to handle all that energy!


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