Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 1 - Tim Holt'z 12 Days of Christmas

For the past five years, Tim Holtz  (link) has created a tag the first twelve days of December. I guess there are many reasons he does this, but the ones I focus on are the new techniques he incorporates AND the call to be creative during what can be, well let's just say a rather hectic time of year.

So here's my first days tag:

I didn't have all the supplies, like the die-cut for the snazzy Noel he had, or all the right foliage under the pine cones, so I used an old grunge board ornament and the leaves from the pine cone dies....I was SO excited that my pine cones even resemble pine cones -- thanks to a the video on Tim's site which suggests you start from the outside - BIG difference.

And because "if one's good, ten are even better" sentiment passed along by my Dad, I actually made two of these types of tags. Yippee Skippy.

Here's a close up of the pine cones I'm so proud of.....

So maybe tomorrow I can actually figure out how to list the great blogs I follow, and post my cards on some other websites which is why I'm doing this in the first place - although truth be told, I have been thinking about.

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