Sunday, April 8, 2012

More Creative Chemistry

So much fun. I enter that a lot on my calendar and in my journal. Playing in the Fun Room is just sooo much Fun. I got to spend a lot of time up there this weekend, making tags for the April 21 and 30 class Stamp Cache, embossing some more metal ala Tammy Tutterow, painting and die cutting odds and ends and even making a birthday card. I went upstairs to play with my Distress Markers which arrived at the Stamp Cache on Tuesday and I still haven't done the home work. Oh well -- everything is waiting for me. I thought I might at least post the few days I do have completed.

Day 1 - Wrinkle Free Distress, Brushless Watercolor and Blended Spritz & Flick

I finally understand how to really blend distress inks. I feel like a genius (tee hee) or at the very least a chemist. Aside from that very, very important item, I learned how important my favorite color purple is to blending (a lovely moment) and how to get water droplets from the craft sheet and from my hand.

Day 3 - Alcohol Resist, Alcohol Inks Agates, Stamping with Reflections

I love stamping with reflections and can't wait to get a couple of more embossing folders that lend themselves to that technique. The writing or scrolls or anything without directon, really looks like it is behind the embossed area. I also like the way my alcohol inks agates turned out. Using the blending solution at the end as Tim suggested produced a great effect. I also didn't have any light or bright archival inks when I started Creative we know lights aren't really my strong suit, so I tried with another kind of ink. Odd color combination to be sure.

Day 5 - Marbled Stains

The example on the left was one drag too many through the craft sheet, although I still like the effect. This is really a technique where LESS is MORE. The example on the right, I blended out the whole tag. When I was finished I kinda looked at it and thought, boy that looks like just a blended tag, nice but.... When in doubt read directions. Tim asked us to blend the edges....

Day 5 - Kraft Resist

I've done this with better success in the past. I think I like to blend the colors more than I did on these samples. The one on the left was my first attempt - it needed a stronger image. I tried a variety of inks on the example on the right...once again, Tim knows best. Archival Jet Black provides the best contrast.

My example of Stamping with Stains from Day 5 is in my previous post. Maybe I can get a few more done this week since I won't be working every night....really cuts down on time in the Fun Room!



  1. Hello Sara
    I think your Tags are awesome, you have the blending technique down to an art form. I still have problems with smudges!!!!


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