Saturday, April 21, 2012

WOYWW #150 Follow Up

Last Tuesday I was in LA with an ear ache, and my work desk was the hotel desk. I posted that to the What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday  as # 176. Now, five days later on Saturday, I am back home with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. If you get a chance to have a shingles vaccination, my advice is Run. Do Not Walk. Towards. The Vaccination. Shingles in your face is no fun. BUT, and there is always a golden BUT to these things, about the only thing I can do all hopped up on pain pills and able to drink out of one side of my mouth is do little craft-y things. So I've finished my 5 little mini books!

I explained how I came to have the books in my last post, and I was happy to put them to good use. I used Tim Holtz's Method of making the books. One piece of 12" by 12" paper and some tissue tape and you are off and running. My idea is always to embrace imperfection (again this goes well with my current state) and so I used a lot of the graphic material I picked up at the conference and during the mobile work shops, combined that with some pictures, a few journaling tags, and bits and bobs.

Each of the books had a theme - general conference, Old Pasadena, Food, Boulevards Tour,'s a page from each of them. Planners might be dreamers at heart...
Old Pasadena, CA has the most amazing alleys...really, they are gorgeous and full of art...
This is a good example of just cutting and pasting and cutting and pasting some more. The story of how we found the restaurant is on the tag tucked into the pocket at the left.
I had to pay homage to these scallops I ate...oh my. They were delectable little melt in your mouth treats...
This page is a good example of a bit of direct to paper journaling, a quick snip of a photo and a graphic image I cut from another using lots of circular punches and shapes throughout the books, I'm hoping that will help them tie together.
I made us all luggage tags of this little girl before we left (kind of a long story behind it) but I do want to say I felt empowered by the lovely comments my fellow WOYWW'ers left on my blog. Thanks for your kind words and sympathies!!
Enjoy your weekend.


  1. The books are really fab. So sorry to hear about the shingles - hope you recover well soon. Hazel, WOYWW 150 x

  2. Shingles!! Really hope they go soon and you feel better soon, great work produced, its great work you've produced too!

    Lisa #112

  3. Sarah...your mini books are awesome! Each so different and fun! I am so sorry to read about your shingles. My goodness! I hope that you are better soon. Bless your heart...
    I also wanted to take a second to THANK YOU so much for your amazing comments that you left on my blog. You completely made my day today! THANK YOU so much for those very kind words and I am so happy that I inspired you to create that little frame. They are fun and really not difficult to do. You will LOVE your results! Happy Crafting and take care of yourself!!! <3 Candy


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