Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hot Time Summer in the City - WOYWW 211

There is an old tune by the Little Rascals that goes something like

Hot time, summer in the city
  Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty

Which has been playing in my head for the last week. Although I am certainly not in a city or particularly gritty it has been a hot time...yesterday was 88...in Alaska. Not too much indoor time - lots of outdoor time tho...so. much. fun.

This was taken at Rocky Lake last night about 9:45. Earlier last night my friend and I sat in these chairs for a couple of hours after work and it was pure bliss. Which is why my desk looks like this


You can see the big blue squirt bottle in the upper right corner - I call it my Big Girl Squirt Bottle. I had been using a tiny mister...this is OH SO MUCH BETTER. It actually gets things wet the first time, not the 10th. What a concept. I'm getting close to finishing one of my art journals so I have put down the background for the cover. I used some silk acrylic glazes and you can see the sparkle. I love them!


Since I have been busy enjoying our short summer and I still have to work for a living (so limiting!) I missed last week at WOYWW or What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday hosted by Julia Dunnit each week. She explains everything over on her blog, Stamping Ground. It's tons of fun!!  Three weeks ago we celebrated four years of WOYWWing by trading ATC's. Here are some of the amazing min-works of art I received.

I received four - yes four! - ATC's, a beautiful card, AND a CD full of her designs for acetate from Gill (and my package is really on finally on the way Gill!). Marit, Nan, and Bella sent me fabulous creations and I was lucky enough to get Andrea's first ever ATC. I absolutely love WOYWW....such amazing people. Thank you!!


  1. Oh, look at that lake...I want to sit in those chairs watching the sun go down too! I wouldn't get anything done either if I had that on my doorstep!
    Big girl squirter, lol! I can't think of a smart wisecrack without it sounding rude, so I won't!! And the tin of stickers turned up. Yay, thank you so much *happy dance*. It was so exciting to get a parcel from Alaska!! I will pass the tin to Julia at the weekend :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 43 xx

  2. Great to get some outside time isn't it? Loving your journal cover and must get a Big Girl Mister squirty thingy. Thanks for stopping by my desk this week BJ#55

  3. I'd laze around if I lived somewhere like that - but love your journal! Helen 31

  4. what a a fab photo it looks ever so peaceful,I'm not surprised you stayed a few hours ...lucky you.Thank you for your kind words abut my ATC and I'm pleased it arrived safely have a fab week Andrea#104

  5. Lovely selection of atc's there and what a lot of pleasure those little works of art have given to the recipients, the givers and the spectators.
    Love that first picture - looks like bliss to me!
    Thanks for visiting me earlier - Hugs, Neet xx 16

  6. Hi Sara, with a view like that I can understand how easy it would be just to sit there for ever. Really love your background cover, great colours too.
    Thanks for showing the ATCs, wish I could have sent you some printable acetate too but need to find a new supplier. Hope you are having a good week, happy WOYWW Gillx #89

  7. Hi Sara
    your desk and journal cover are looking great and I love the idea of the larger spritzing bottle. Some great ATC's there
    Have a great WOYWW and enjoy the rest of your week
    Ria #47

  8. I like the idea of sitting by the lake. I too have to work for a living, so tedious!
    Thank you for visiting me, glad you liked my tea room.
    Karen #46

  9. What a beautiful way to while away and hour or two Sara. Your pretty journal will wait until the weather changes I think. We have to make the most of the sunshine. Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 78

  10. Beautiful. Lake, light, chairs, friend..perfect evening! No wonder you aren't inclined to do too much at the table - there's time for that after summer! that said, I love the stuff you've done so far for the cover, those silk acrylics are really something. Like butterfly wings.

  11. What a beautiful view, just a nice gin and tonic and it would be perfect! Great start to the journal cover. It takes ink and paint so well. Hugs. Pam#38

  12. Lovely ATC's. Love your workdesk and the background for your cover is gorgeous. Beautiful color.

    Have wonderful week, Happy WOYWW. xx

  13. I would love to sit in those chair and look at that view. Love your page the colors are stunning. Thanks for stopping by. Happy crafting #26

  14. Wonderful setting....I feel relaxed already! Super ournal cover...it looks like you are having far too much fun!!!!

  15. What a beautiful, tranquil lake. Just the perfect place to relax. At least your desk looks ready and raring to go! I love the blue misted background. I keep reading about new paints and other media I'd like to try, but I can't get them out here, and they are a bad buy because the summer months are so hot, and everything dries up!
    thanks for your visit earlier. Kate x ~45

  16. Your lake looks so tranquil - is there room for me to pull up another chair & sit with you ? I can't imagine what Alaska is like so it would be so wonderful to hear all about it from you !! So glad you are enjoying our summertime ! The ATC's are great ! Thanks for stopping by ! Ali # 36

  17. Cover is already looking yummy - going to have to look into these silk glazes. Enjoy the heat - you've got me singing now too!
    Alison x

  18. Beautiful photo - its funny how I always picture Alaska as being very cold and snowy - I suppose its just like people from other places think it's always raining in Ireland!

  19. I'm not sure which looks more inviting, that gorgeous lake or that fun desk and journal. Both would be enjoyable for me.

    BTW, now I'm singing that song, too! And because it's still Wednesday in my part of the world, have a super WOYWW from #17.

  20. Jan and I have finally had five minutes to sit and catch up and natter and she passed me the tin of stickers...thank you so much, they really are gorgeous and useable. And in a tin..even gorgeous-er. Very thoughtful of you - you shouldn't have - but I'm glad you did!

  21. Wow Sara! Looks like it's going to be a wonderful cover. Love the Big Girl Squirt Bottle ... made me laugh. Thanks for visiting my blog and the well wishes. Hope you enjoy the ball game.

    -- Mary Elizabeth


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