Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Dragonflies - Tim's Tag Plus

I've been on a real orange and yellow quick I decided to use those colors to work on Tim's June Tag. He used the dragonfly stamp again!! I was so excited. I am a TOTAL fan of dragonflies: I have a dragonfly dress, dragonfly earrings, dragonfly necklace, get the idea. Plus he brought out the distress markers and we all get to pretend like we know how to watercolor! Actually I am starting to learn more about that, but this is so fun and easy. You should try it.

This is my rendition....

I did have to add some sparkle to the wings, because I think that's one of the coolest things about a dragonfly is their iridescent wings. 

And then I thought I should add a little something to the bottom and it certainly did turn out to be one of life's little moments. 

As I was sprinkling little drops of orange on another project, well, it sprinkled here too. I've decided it gives it character. Yeah, that's the ticket. Character.

I was having such a good time with the markers I mad a couple of other things using the technique including this card for my Uncle.

And because I was really in the "TIM ZONE" and I LOVED last month's technique so much I made a birthday card.

I played around with fragments last month - using the rub-ons, alcohol stains and foil on the back and loved how it came out - I was even one of Tim's May winners - so I thought I would try it again. This time I used his little stickers. With all the black I think it worked out fine. (Pretty sly how I worked that in, huh? LOL).

If you haven't joined the 12 Tags of 2013, give it a is TONS 'O FUN. 

And speaking of fun, thanks for stopping by the Fun Room to see what's up! I appreciate your visit and your comments. 


  1. Hi Sara J. Wonderful cards you made. The colors fit perfect together.

  2. Gorgeous projects! Love your take on the June tag, such subtle delicate "watercolouring" - beautiful... and the vivid contrast of the colours on the card is fabulous!
    Alison x

  3. You've been busy! Love the 'character' and all the cool details on these cards. I agree... it's so much fun watercoloring this way!

  4. I love your tag!! And those cards are so vibrant! Absolutely gorgeous. The remnant rubs on the card look awesome with the Distress Marker techniques!!!! (I've got to try that.) Distress markers definitely opened the floodgates on your creativity this week :) Sara I just had to laugh. You sound so much like me ... Once I get started with something I love in my craft room, I just have to keep playing. I lose all track of time on days like that. Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving such lovely comments. They really made me smile this morning. Incredibly encouraging -- thanks again.
    -- Mary Elizabeth

  5. Your new favs are perfect for this time of year; the yellows and oranges gave my heart a lift on a cold grey NZ day. Nice job!!


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